Body Meta Feat. DJ Sotofett

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    DJ Sotofett (Sex Tags Mania / WANIA) ∞ All Nite Long ∞ [Ambient Lounge] Chee Shimizu ind_fris - Live izanai crew (Takuro Higuchi, Mahal, Aquarium aka 外神田deepspace & Ashtray) SOFTPOWER (pootee & eminemsaiko) Ultrafog - Live
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  • Journey master Sotofett winds up his tour of Japan the best way he knows how: with an all-night set.
  • Advance / U23: ¥1,800 w/Flyer: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500 Advance Ticket + CD: ¥2,500 Advance Ticket + CD + T-Shirt: ¥3,500 *New album " The Buy Out" by Han Sotofett features Jaakko Eino Kalevi, LNS, Osaruxo and Fit Siegel among others is included in the bundle tickets.
  • Body Meta Feat. DJ Sotofett - Flyer front
    Body Meta Feat. DJ Sotofett - Flyer back
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