Face 2 Face x DSD: Interplanetary Criminal b2b Soundbwoy Killah

  • Face 2 Face and Dansu Discs have teamed up to bring some of the years heftiest talents together who will bring an unforgettable night full of thumping breaks, big garage-esque vocals and undeniable energy to those who join us at Tottenham’s Grow. Soundbwoy Killah has produced some of the most invaluable releases to the scene over the past few years, with these records having helped to shape a new breaks based direction in underground music. This including his mammoth release "Halycon Daze" on Sneaker Social Club which has solidified his place amongst some of biggest names to have emerged in recent times Juno described it saying "It's little less than breathless, saucer-eyed romp through heady fusions of dreamy UK garage, melodious jazzy jungle, loved up breakbeat hardcore, African-influenced tribal percussion and gargantuan low-end pressure". We are eagerly anticipating this mega back to back where two of the freshest UK talents collide to provide something astronomical together. Interplanetary Criminal has been the name behind some of the hottest releases this summer with recent ones on Sneaker Social Club and of course our own Dansu Discs too. Whether it’s his productions with those raucous breaks, that seductive vocal garage or his monthly radio show on KMAH there’s no denying it’s got huge written all over it. We are also really proud to announce Holding Hands affiliates and Bade Records founders Tape Fear. Their tune “Car’s Booked” on arguably one of the labels of the year in Holding Hands, included their own unique take on storming breaks that we might affiliate with the others already mentioned in the line up. Coupling this with their own knowledge all things between garage and techno, these guys are the perfect fit. Joining them we have Face 2 Face resident Tia Cousins with her spectacularly diverse selections fit for anytime in the club which has seen her nail down a regular spot on Balamii Radio and a recent NTS Show. Whilst Krenz also brings his unique live show full of pumping breaks, techno and electro for everyone to hear on Grow’s immaculate sound system. Dansu Discs’ head honcho Howsley and Face 2 Face founders Míru and The Real Escobar complete the special line up.
  • Face 2 Face x DSD: Interplanetary Criminal b2b Soundbwoy Killah - Flyer front