Nowadays Nonstop: Halloween

  • Prep for your Halloween weekend with this three-day function giving you some of the most forward-thinking artists in New York and beyond.
  • We’re doing it up this Halloween with another night-into-day-into-night Nonstop that’ll begin on Saturday October 26th and keep going until Sunday night. A cauldron this big needs many flames, so we’ve assembled a deep crew of guest DJs and members of our own resident coven to help bring us to the boiling point. Starting at 10pm on Saturday, Hunter Lombard will spread a smoldering foundation before the FNV boys, aka JT Almon and Michael Magnan, ratchet up the heat and add their signature blend of acidity and sweetness to the potion before Relaxer deploys the blowtorch for an hour-long live set. With the darkness deepening, it’ll be triple, triple toil and trouble as New World Dysorder takes over for a heavy dose of dance floor destruction. After that, it’s the supernatural stylings of Total Freedom through the sunrise before Lakuti gives us all goosebumps with three hours of morning magick. We’ve got tricks, treats and bass bin thunder through the afternoon courtesy of AceMo & MoMA Ready, followed by some proper shock therapy psychotics from Eamon Harkin. At 6pm, it’s Honcho’s turn to cast the final hex. As always, there’ll be plentiful brews, wines and libations, plus scary good food from the Diner by Izakaya to keep the ritual fueled. As long as it’s dry out, the back yard will be open for cackling and howling. Just like our previous Nonstops, tickets are divided by entry time. Nothing's too complicated, but be sure to check the explanation below if you're coming. Seasonal looks are strongly encouraged. ☾ ☾ HOW IT ALL WORKS ☾ ☾ - You must arrive during the hours listed on your ticket. For example, if you buy a "10PM–4AM" ticket, you must get here between 10pm and 4am. - If you don't enter during your designated time, you'll have to buy a new ticket, assuming there's space inside. - After you've arrived during your designated time window, you can stay as long as you'd like, so long as you abide by our safer space policy (more on that below). You're also welcome to come and go as you please. ☾ ☾ SAFER SPACE ☾ ☾ In an effort to create a space where all people feel safe, violence, non-consensual touching, racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ageist or other discriminatory language, and leering are not allowed within our walls or in our back yard. If someone says or does anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you’re here, let us know. All our safer space monitors (look for the red armbands on the dance floor), bartenders, security, managers, sound staff and door staff can help you. ☾ ☾ PHONES AND PHOTOS ☾ ☾ Also, for the sake of the vibe, please don’t use your phone or take pictures on or around the dance floor.
  • Nowadays Nonstop: Halloween - Flyer front
    Nowadays Nonstop: Halloween - Flyer back