Solarplexia - 4 Years - The Last Dance

  • Brooklyn Bazaar is closing at the end of November, and Solarplexia is shutting down too, just in time for its fourth birthday. Celebrate the bittersweet anniversary with some of the crucial party's best regulars.
  • Es muss nicht immer so weiter gehen. Here we are, the end. What a ride. Starting as a 70-person get together on a Tuesday night at Elvis Guesthouse in the fall of 2015, making our way across the East River to Gowanus, up into WB, and finally, to our most fulfilling home base in Greenpoint... There's not much that can be said to encapsulate the journey we've been on together, other than thank you. Why's that? Because we've learned over the past four years one very simple truism: a club is nothing but its people. All the wins, all the losses, all the hours spent pouring love, and effort, and energy into every party... to say it's been "worth it" would be an understatement. Solar changed our lives. We have never felt as full of life as we do right now. We are incredibly high, and hope that we never come down. Inevitably... we will -- you always do. This isn't to say it's been easy. It's been the polar opposite. Unless you have spent a lot of time in New York throwing parties, you're probably not privy to the nuts + bolts of what it takes to make an idea -- even one as simple as TRUE disconnection on the dance floor -- come to fruition. All of us on the team come from different walks of life, and all of us have gone through very hard experiences; heaving and pulling, pushing and rowing, moving together and working as hard as we have has been extraordinarily difficult due to the ecosystem our nightlife culture exists in, yet equally rewarding. So we hope you join us at our final function. We have a lot to celebrate. Breathe in, breathe out, this is your life. Let's get together, to get lost. - Solarplexia, signing off Mike, Seth, Stasia, Joey, Kahaia, Jordan, Casey & Katie ~~~ Please read all of the following before attending this party: - Sound is provided by Purple Sound and is a four-point Funktion One system. If you attend S-R you may be familiar with their exceptional work. Similarly, all lighting and fog is being provided by Nitemind. - Ari & K are on the door; tickets do not guarantee entry -- if you're a jerk you will be turned away and refunded your money. - We have a zero tolerance policy at every one of our events for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, unsolicited touching or any other oppressive behavior. If you feel that this kind of behavior is being directed at you at any time during the event please approach our door staff and we will deal with the situation immediately. - We've paid for an additional bartender to service the queue room, and brought the coat check upstairs to the main check-in area, to reduce the wait time for the party. - If you come after 12:00am, there WILL be a queue. If you don't like waiting in queues, please come before 12:00am. - We have free water, Consent Cards, glitter, and earplugs for all dancers. - Photography is not allowed inside whatsoever. If you have a problem with that this is not the party for you. - Re-entry with stamp is available until 4:00am, after that we close the door and those left inside get to close together. - Dress to sweat, it will be very hot. - 21+, as always.
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