Island Rehab Project V

  • Escape from reality to an island off the coast of Dinner Key for a day into night experience that promotes community, sustainability and freedom of expression. Enjoy Miami's warm waters by lounging in an island connecting sandbar or dance in the sand with the original Castawayans Kike Roldan, Atomyard and their guests. "La islita provides" Help us to continue restoring the island that Shake a Leg utilizes to work with children and adults with physical, developmental and economical challenges. Parking: Park at the parking lot designated for Monty's in Coconut Grove. Dock is located at Shake a Leg, in front of the large airplane hangar across from Monty's Departure Shuttle times: 12:30 - 1:30pm 1:30 - 2:30pm Return Shuttle times: 7:pm - 8:30pm BYOB (BYOeverything)- There will be nothing out there except for Music! See survival kit below Boats - Feel free to anchor along the sandbar connecting the 2 islands. DO NOT DOCK AT THE ISLAND DOCK. Donations for the cause are appreciated. Music: Kike Roldan Differ Atomyard Ohashi EQ + more TBA Your survival kit should include: Cooler Ice Water Food Canned beer BYOB Shots Garbage bags (LEAVE NO TRACE) Sunscreen Water Shoes (recommended) ***RAIN OR SHINE***
  • Island Rehab Project V - Flyer front