Sex Tags Set-Up Tokyo

  • DJ Sotofett with his Norwegian leftfield label Sex Tags Amfibia presents for the 5th year in a row "Sex Tags Set-Up" at Pool. This annual event is a mix between sonic experiments, improvised concerts and presentations of unreleased and exclusive material. The annual "trio" DJ Sotofett, Osaruxo and Diskomo will play a 1-2 hour improvised concert with mono/poly synths, violin, noise/dub effects and other electronics. Aonami closes the night with his traditional and always surprising nanoloop/Gameboy live set. The CD "The Buy Out" with new alias Han Sotofett will be available for the first time at Pool this night. The jazz album features Detroit's Fit Siegel, LNS, Osaruxo, Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Justin Phillips among others.
  • Sex Tags Set-Up Tokyo - Flyer front
    Sex Tags Set-Up Tokyo - Flyer back