Lasermagnetic & Voices Pres. NYE

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    Daniele Baldelli (Baia del Angeli / Cosmic Club) Casco (‘Cybernetic Love'/Italo Disco Pioneer) Gerry Rooney (Black Cock Records) Joel Martin (Quiet Village) DJ Alex (Voices) Johnny Chingas (Lasermagnetic/Spacemachine) Pearlflash DJs (Fred Gazebo, Dj Casey, Bergas) DeepFrequency DJs (Simon Halpin & Guillaume Chottin)
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  • Johnny Chingas (Lasermagnetic) & DJ Alex (Voices Collective), two of London's longest standing disco and deep house promoters, join forces with Pearl Flash and Deepfrequency to bring you a New Year's Eve extravaganza. The event will be taking place at 'The East Room' members bar and Sosho over three floors in Shoreditch (East London). We will bring together iconic and cutting edge artists, careful programming, good sound, a diverse dance floor and crowd on each level, so there's something in there for everyone. Musically speaking, there will be Cosmic, Afro Funky, Italo, Euro and NYC Disco, Club Classics, Reggae, Rock & Eastern influenced sounds with a good measure of electronic music thrown in. THE EAST ROOM: BLACK COCK, A LUCKY HOLE & DEEPFREQUENCY UPTOWN...The East Room, famous for its warm and luxurious settings and quality drinks is something for the real connoisseur and the perfect backdrop to get the party started. Opening the room at 9pm will be established DJ's/Producers Gerry Rooney and Joel Martin. Gerry is a prominent member of the UK disco's more leftfield music scene, as well as being DJ Harvey's partner in the now legendary Black Cock Edit label, which have influenced many new generations of music enthusiasts. Looking in to the future, we are excited for Black Cock… new remixes for assorted artists are to be released in 2010. Then there is brand new label 'Lucky Hole' launching with Gerry & Joel Martin focusing on both obscure and well known creative edits, remixes and new productions. Joel Martin is one half of Quiet Village and partner of one of dance music's biggest stars Matt Edwards. Their excellent downbeat LP 'Silent Movie' released on K7! Records, was one of 2008's most revered albums. Quiet Village's remixes are always sought after. Joel's 'Fragments Of Fear' sell out mix CD's and his soundtrack inspired Moscovitch music project are a testament that Joel has amassed one of the best music collections in U.K. Expect an eclectic selection of Dirty Funk, Sleazy Disco, 80's Soul, Glam Rock, Reggae, New Wave as well as mystical influenced Eastern sounds! Here's an interview with Quiet Village: . Deep are one of the hottest online radio stations currently broadcasting out of the UK and with a growing world-wide audience. The station started by Guillaume Chottin & Simon Halpin has DJ's based in London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo and hosts many exclusive worldwise guest mixes as well as Johnny Chingas' fortnightly show and DJ Alex's weekly broadcast. Both Simon & Guillaume are also part of the 'Lucky Cloud Soundsystem' which host and decorate the legendary London Loft parties with one of the world's first underground music DJ's David Mancuso (Loft NYC). Deep Frequency handled the amazing balloon filled decoration during August Bank Holiday's Lasermagnetic 'Carnival East' party at Sosho. Deep Frequency will get involved with the in house decoration once again and add their midas touch to Sosho's interior. SOSHO GOES COSMIC: DANIELE BALDELLI Our main act and first time at Lasermagnetic/Voices is Italian dance music legend Daniele Baldelli. Daniele has been Dj-ing since the early 70's, at 'Baia Del Angeli and the Cosmic Club in Italy! 'Baia & Cosmic Club' had a great influence on the developments disco culture and the way it has shaped the European dance music scene and even today is still inspiring new generations of music enthusiasts. It is Baldelli's programming and mixing skills that make him outstanding. His sets usually start with more cosmic layers, then move on to extremely funky, up tempo sounds, which are so varied musically, that they just appeal to about everyone. NYE is a rare opportunity to catch the master over a three hour set! Catch the vibe here: Fact Magazine Interview: Warming the floor and sleazing it in the morning...will be.. Lasermagnetic’s Johnny Chingas and DJ Alex (Voices). DJ Alex / Voices Alex Win (Voices Collective) established DJ & promoter for the last 7 years, currently hosts 'Voices' at Plastic People alongside Cedric Woo & Ramar and has become somewhat of an institution and standard for proper disco music. Voices is renowned for their audiophile approach, taking inspiration from the standards set by the masters, David Mancuso, Gary Steward Audio, Richard Long, Klipschorn, Rotary and Valve equipment. Voices has regularly featured international DJ's from across the underground dance music spectrum including Daniel Wang, Eric Duncan, Gatto Fritto, Gerry Rooney, Joel Martin, Phil Mison, Victor Rosado and more... SOSHO GOES ITALO WITH CASCO IN THE BASEMENT When Lasermagnetic started, many ‘Italo artists’ like Alden Tyrell, Clone Records, IF, Spacid and Bankok Impact, Legowelt and Marco Passarani joined the party. We still love the energy and our friends Pearlflash expertly carry on ‘the vibe’. So we have decided to host Italo pioneer and producer & DJ Casco, from Italy, who started DJing in 1971.Casco's 1983 hit 'Cybernetic Love' expertly combined italo, pop and vocoder electro sensibilities. His fast cut and paste mixing skills are a great show and not to be missed! Pearl Flash have carved out a name and niche hosting regular parties in and around Shoreditch/Dalston playing new wave, Italo based sounds. LASERMAGNETIC / JOHNNY 'CHINGAS' Johnny ‘Chingas’ Hiller, Lasermagnetic frontman, helped kick start and initiate the recent disco revival. Many of the scene's DJ's played their first gig in the UK at LM: Lindstrom, Beppe Loda & Typhoon, Dr. Nishimura from Discosessions Japan, Citizen Kane, Woolfy, I-f, Chromatics, Brennan Green, Loud-e, Strangefruit, Kamome Soundsystem, and many more. Over the years Lasermagnetic parties were held in cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Bejing, Melbourne, Sydney, Turku and Izmir. Johnny, since making his first disco mix tape in 84, has DJ-ed at credible international clubs like Tape Club, Cookies, Fabric, Plastic People, Nouveau Casino, Air, Yellow, Revolver, Club 97 & Café Otto over the years. Johnny currently hosts a fortnightly radio show, The Tropical Spacemachine on Deepfrequency, which feature interviews and mixes with international guests like Lovefingers, Tako, Albion, Rahaan, Inflagranti, Glimmers, Hey Convict!, Lee Douglas and more. Most recently, Johnny Chingas has been working with Pete Herbert on music for the label Spacemachine Recordings, and their party outlet SPACEMACHINE, which has seen guests such as the Idjut Boys, Glimmers, Phoreski, Mo Morris (A Mountain Of One) and Toby Tobias all join their monthly party.
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