10 Years Stroboscopic Artefacts

  • A techno label takes the control of the 4DSOUND system with live performances—and an afterparty—for its 10th anniversary.
  • MONOM is confirmed as the Berlin location for "10 Years Stroboscopic Artefacts", the label's 10th anniversary event on 19th of December 2019. A series of commissioned live acts will be hosted at MONOM (home to the 4DSOUND System) showcasing performances custom-made by each of the artists involved for this specific event. From midnight onward the afterparty will start featuring some of the label finest talents DJing until sunrise. At the heart of MONOM is the 4DSOUND system, a one of a kind instrument which immerses up to 400 people inside 48 omnidirectional speakers suspended throughout the venue, extending to 9 powerful subs submerged beneath an acoustically transparent floor. TICKETS: B̶L̶I̶N̶D̶ ̶T̶R̶U̶S̶T̶ ̶E̶A̶R̶L̶Y̶ ̶B̶I̶R̶D̶S̶ ̶(̶1̶6̶€̶)̶ - SOLD OUT!!! 50 tickets with full access to the presentations and to the afterparty for those Strobolovers that choose to trust us without even knowing the lineup yet. R̶E̶G̶U̶L̶A̶R̶ ̶T̶I̶C̶K̶E̶T̶S̶ ̶-̶ ̶F̶U̶L̶L̶ ̶A̶C̶C̶E̶S̶S̶ ̶(̶2̶0̶€̶)̶ - SOLD OUT!!! 300 tickets only for access to the limited capacity MONOM space where the live presentations are gonna happen + access to the afterparty. AFTERPARTY TICKETS (8€) As the 'Blind Trust Early Birds' tickets sold out, we are now unveiling the lineup (one artist per week).
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