DJ Skull / Verraco / Adrestia

  • Verraco is one of the most important and talented DJs and producers in Colombian techno history (and he mixed a great RA Podcast too). See him alongside Chicago vet DJ Skull and New York's own Adrestia for an essential triple-header.
  • ◾️ DJ SKULL ◾️DJ Skull can be counted as one of the strongest identities fronting the vanguard sound of Chicago’s underground. Criss-crossing Europe and the US today, the American DJ is a seasoned professional with over 30 years experience, and live show, internationally demonstrating why he remains a secret weapon in the booth. Thundering a sound that reinterprets the musical tropes of his Chi-Wax releases, Djax bombs, and funk semantics heard elsewhere (Sect, Mentha, Majestic), Skull brings a deep-rooted knowledge and command to the live realm. Not only is DJ Skull pure essence of the future sound of Chicago, but its embodiment. ◾️ VERRACO ◾️ Columbian producer and DJ, the now based in Barcelona uses tactical mixing to make sudden rhythmic shifts feel natural, blending glitchy breakbeats with retrofuturistic electro and dramatic ambient passages. ◾️ ADRESTIA◾️ Born and raised New Yorker, Adrestia began performing at the age of 4 when she enrolled in classical training classes at New York’s dance school. In 2015, she began rediscovering her natural passions through the exploration of the electronic music scene in Brooklyn. Within a year, she co-founded her very own collective, Alkhemy, which has a mission to highlight diversity and to promote people-of-color in techno.
  • DJ Skull / Verraco / Adrestia - Flyer front