ATØ with Ziúr • Juliana Huxtable • Rabit • Ledef • Rupert Yyaa

  • ATØ = THE ALLIANCE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD +++ ATØ exists to support of all people who struggle finding a place in this world, who are having trouble being respected AND celebrated for who they are. For everyone, who is part of resisting the status quo, for all survivors, outcasts and weirdos. For people who fight for their existence, every day. ATØ is here to celebrate respect, human rights, love, intersectionality, change, pushing boundaries, bravery, critical thought, genuine support and curiosity. ATØ is not here to please, but to disrupt & to connect us in Solidarity. It is time to take back what has been taken away by us by the institution. +++ Trauma Bar und Kino presents the record release event of ATØ on November 1st, with a stellar line-up curated with Ziúr. "For the Record Release Party of ATØ, I've gathered a group of friends who strike me with their exceptional brilliance; I’m blown away by them. These loved ones live the best example on how to radically push the limits of artistry and life, while still being grounded, uncompromising and ultimately badass. Apart from ATØ being about taking over the world, it always has been about celebrating the good relationships, strong bonds, friendships, ultimate allies. This event shows one possible scenario. Love, Ziúr" +++ Visual Stimulation from: Asian Dope Boys, BORA, Martin Kohout, Riley Hooker, Stefan Fahler +++ Artwork by Stefan Fähler
  • ATØ with Ziúr • Juliana Huxtable • Rabit • Ledef • Rupert Yyaa - Flyer front