DAVE Festival 2019 - Dave OFF

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    SNTS (Sacred Court / Horizontal Ground, DE) Noncompliant (Flash / Valance / Fiedeltwo, US) Bredren (Critical Music / Dispatch Recordings / Flexout Audio, BE) Locked Club & HESPERMEN (Private Persons, RU) Kabuki (New Forms / Beat Excursions, DE) MALENA X Franssen (Konnektivmusik, DE) Anna Adams (objekt klein a, DE) Gina Sabatini (SPRINGSTOFF, DE) Bonjour Ben (Sparklers Tribe, DE) Ch1P & Mit B. (Sektor Evolution, DE) Cagney & Lacey (Syn.thie.Verrückt / Motion, DE) Len Richardson (N-ICE Kollektiv, DE) Sankt (Konnektivmusik, DE) Spunky b2b Tiney (Hombres Disco, DE) Sorse (Deeper Access, DE) Dubtunes (UTM-Family, DE) Suma (Deeper Access, DE) FORV3RT (Deeper Access / Danger Movement, DE) Leise & Raulito Wolf (Lotenheim / Follow the white rabbit, DE) Jankins ((UTM-Family / Sub Sequence, DE) Jork (UTM-Family, DE) Philipp Demankowski (Uncanny Valley / Balearic Sunday, DE) b2b DNZ (Fat Fenders / Funky Monkey, DE) Anachronism (made of CONCRETE / Tropical Schmutz, DE) Violith (Deeper Access, DE) Adriot (N-ICE Kollektiv, DE)
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  • The DAVE Festival 2019 is drawing to a close - but not without visiting Sektor Evolution and celebrating the diversity of electronic music in one last, long night. The mainfloor speakers will pump straight, hard techno, electro, acid and industrial into the ears of everyone present. Responsible for this is SNTS, among others, who has been an integral part of the first league of technoid sound reinforcement for several years now due to bis high-profile releases and worldwide gigs. He gets support from Noncompliant from Indianapolis, the Russians Locked Club and MALENA X FRANSSEN. The Drum & Bass-Headz can look forward to Bredren from Brussels and this year's Artist in Residence, the genre legend Kabuki. For us he will play one of his meanwhile rare live sets. In keeping with this year's festival motto "Retrofuture", a niche will be revived in the tent. Come in, sit down and lie on your pillows, enjoy ambient sounds and relax on the chillout floor. The Lotenheim collective then takes over from the morning hours and extends the night into the afternoon. The guiding principle of the group is "Beppo the Road Sweeper" from Michael Ende's story "Momo", so the procedure is always slow, cheerful, step by step. The declared goal is to unite politics and party and to create discourse spaces that are both appealing in terms of content and music.
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