Room System Village Underground Lisboa

  • Room System is a collaborative project between Seres Produções and dj's / music producers, beatmakers and other independent artists, with the aim of interacting and promoting works, often unknown (or not!), And thus appealing to the presentation of works unpublished in electronic music. Room System is the small studio shifted to an open, exposed and participatory context. A series of regular / monthly events, trips that can be unique, sharing that can bear fruit, moments of learning, of technique, of magic, of occupying a space and of time, of our existence in the moment, here and now. Room System exists to think of the cities, the people and the intimacy of their rooms, in the different aspects of urban life and so, gradually, also intends to associate other arts beyond music, especially in the visual and visual arts or performance. Age restrictions /Minimum age / 16+ 9€ EarlyBird (50 Tickets Available) 10€ (Pre-Sale) 13€ (Event day Until 1am) Note: The entrance to the Event will be from Avenida da India, edifício n 23, Lisboa Portugal, 130-299 ( right next to the Alcântara Terra train line, approximately 5 min walk)
  • Room System Village Underground Lisboa - Flyer front