Other Stranger =Discipline=

  • Other Stranger is a bi-monthly party at The Stud focusing on the mutant freak faction of the electronic music scene through live performance and dj sets. LIVE SETS MARVINA 7- MARVINA 7 is the primary musical output for Marvin Jones of Carson, California. His vision is to blend the sounds of classic Detroit techno, electro, house and ebm over a foundation of funk, creating freaky tracks that inspire action and adventure! https://soundcloud.com/marvinjonesfromcarson GOLDEN DONNA (Portland, OR Mighty Force, Yugen, Ratskin)Joel Shanahan writes and performs under the aliases Golden Donna, Auscultation, and Purpur released a number of tapes and records for labels like 100% Silk, CGI Records, Not Not Fun, Micronesia, Digitalis, Sacred Phrases, Field Studies, All Hell, and more. He has toured through the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland, Poland, Belgium, and England. His music has been used in mixes from the likes of Claude Young, Surgeon, Jimmy Tamborello, Ethyl, and more. Shanahan is known for his explosive live sets and fully invested performative approach to playing live electronics that leaves em sweating on the floor wanting more. https://goldendonna.bandcamp.com DJs Vera Rubin (Portland, Shadow Cruising) Vera Rubin is a conceptual artist and DJ currently residing in Phoenix, AZ. Specializing in left field and always down for post punk, industrial, and techno. She has worked with acts such as Luke Vibert, Silent Servant, and White Visitation. Her most recent conceptual work focuses on connections of open borders, climate change and revolutionary surrealism in Valletta, Malta. soundcloud.com/verarubin Davide Gualandi (New York City, Lost Soul Enterprises, Jackie O'Body's School of Dance) Davide Gualandi grew up in Italy. He played in some bad hardcore bands in the 90s and wrote for some fairly respected music magazines in the 2000s. He likes noisy and psychedelic music and the weirdos who populate the NYC scene. https://soundcloud.com/daviday Other Stranger resident DJ Matt Sussman Plus Immersive visuals by Vitreous Chamber (Malic Amalya & Nathan Hill)
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