Hito presents OTO

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    LINE UP: Hito, Drunken Kong, ARAKI SAYAKA, Sakiko Osawa LIGHTING: AIBA VIP LOUNGE (Private Party/招待客限定-Invitation Only) SECRET ROOM WOMB LOUNGE -YUI CHANNEL SALON- GUEST: Jun Young (From SEOUL) LINE UP: Ren Yokoi, YMASA, DIRTY TIGER
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  • MUSIC: TECHNO, HOUSE 世界で活躍する日本人女性を代表する HITO が2017年に新たに始めたパーティー“HITO presents OTO” 。今まで、ベルリンの Watergate、バルセロナの CITY HALL を筆頭にイタリア、ギリシャ等、世界各都市でバラエティーに富んだアーティストを迎えて開催してきた。 いよいよ本国東京での初開催が決定。今回 WOMB のメインフロアーを飾るのは、HITO が海外でも公演を共にした経験を持つ日本人女性 DJ 達がフィーチャーされている。ゲストには DRUNKEN KONG、ARAKI SAYAKA、SAKIKO OSAWA の4名。そして4階の VIP LOUNGE は、今最も感度の高い “SECRET ROOM” 完全招待制パーティーとして登場。もちろんラインナップも完全非公開で開催。 また1階の WOMB LOUNGE には 7月に行なわれ大好評だった YUICHANNEL SALON が再び開催決定。今回は SEOUL より NU DISCO、HOUSE を中心に多様な活動を展開する DJ/シンガーソングライター/プロデューサー/ギターリストの JUN YOUNG を筆頭に、WOMB で活躍する若手ドメスティックアーティスト陣がラインナップし、NU DISCO、HOUSE を中心としたラウンジを展開。 Japanese-born, Berlin-based techno DJ HITO, who represents Japanese women who are busy in this world, has been holding a new event series launched in 2017 "HITO presents OTO” in various cities across the world such as Berlin (Watergate), Barcelona (CITY HALL) and major cites of Italy and Greece, welcoming guests who hail from Germany, Japan and across the globe, with a focus on pure and organic-sounding techno sonics. At last, the holding of an event for the first time in our country, Tokyo Japan, has been decided. This time, to adorn WOMB's main floor, we are featuring Japanese women DJs who have experience performing overseas with HITO. There are four guests: DRUNKEN KONG, ARAKI SAYAKA, and SAKIKO OSAWA. Also, at the fourth floor VIP LOUNGE, "SECRET ROOM," with the highest sensitivity right now, enters the scene as a complete invitational party. Of course, the line up will unfold in complete secrecy. Also, at the first floor WOMB LOUNGE, it has been decided to hold YUICHANNEL SALON again. It was held in July and was very popular. This time the lead is DJ/singer-songwriter/producer/guitarist JUN YOUNG, who unfolds various activities from SEOUL, focused on NU DISCO and HOUSE. A corp of young domestic artists who are busy at WOMB are also in the line up and will unfold their "lounge," centering on NU DISCO and HOUSE.
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