Misc. with Demdike Stare & Extnddntwrk

  • Misc. returns to The Glove That Fits, hot on the heels of its second birthday, for a night of hardkore miscerablism fittingly – but not intentionally – perched on the edge of both Br*xit and Halloween. The horror, indeed. We’re over the (full) moon to be joined by old pals Demdike Stare, modern lovers and masters of nu-school darkore, whose lastest long-player sounds like the club exploding and the world outside imploding, and who rarely play intimate, squashed spaces like this, such is their advanced festival-hopping status these days. Put simply, they’ll be DJing the Glove into oblivion with esoteric anti-anthems, sonic sludge, assorted ‘cores’ and ‘kores’, noise, wave, gaze, loops, bleeps, breaks, basslines and bootleg-y belters selected from their joint archive’s cavernous recesses and delivered mashup-style over the club’s solid-as PA. Totally up our and your strasse, to be sure. Extnddntwrk – aka Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods fame – plays a rare and exclusive live PA to compliment, drawing on years of solo werk under various aliases incl. the above, Infant and Marks Brother. Like DDS, he blends sounds and genres into at times unategorisable electronic sculpture/soup, influenced as much by clang (Fugazi, Big Black, Shellac) as clicks & clacks (Vibert, Wu Tang, Massive Attack) and drawing on an arsenal of tools ranging from hi-end modular to low-end apps. ‘Electronica’/‘IDM’/‘beats’/‘art’... call it what you will; Andrew just gets on with it. Tengui, Datassette and Mücha, all either releasing or working on new musics in their respective solo domains, come together as Misc. DJs to drop records – loads of ‘em – in support, drawing on years of collective collecting and selective selecting, and spanning everything (well, nearly). Tickets start at five quid and space is strictly limited. Do join us.
  • Misc. with Demdike Stare & Extnddntwrk - Flyer front