IDWT with Chaos In The CBD

  • Expect energy levels to be through the roof when the In Dust We Trust lads hit Dublin.
  • Chaos In The CBD roll out with their inaugural In Dust We Trust UK & Ireland tour. The tour will see the duo playing extended sets on a six-stop tour across the UK & Ireland, with stops at Manchester’s Hidden, London’s Corsica Studios and Brighton’s Patterns, with support from IDWT label co-founder Jon Sable. Louis from Chaos In The CBD says: “Beans, Sable and I had been spit balling the idea of running a label for several years prior to moving to London in 2012. The turning point was getting a tattoo of IDWT on my arm in Paris, which for me meant I had to follow through with the project. After a long period of back and forth and feelings of trepidation leading up to the first release, the label has since gone from strength to strength. The purpose of IDWT has always been to serve as an outlet to release our own music without being at the mercy of external labels, whilst also retaining full control of the project both musically and aesthetically. Our goal has always been to release timeless music that we will be proud of for decades to come. It’s been a natural progression since conception and running label nights feels like the next logical step and will allow us to highlight some of our exceptionally talented DJ friends.” Chaos In The CBD look set to close out 2019 on a high with a jam-packed worldwide tour ahead, including their UK & Ireland tour, and stops at Tokyo, Melbourne, Montreal, Paris and Amsterdam.
  • IDWT with Chaos In The CBD - Flyer front