Gems Under The Horizon 3

  • LIMITED TO 120 PEOPLE MAX BUY PRE SALE TICKET NOW Basic Moves hosts their third afternoon-into-evening edition of Gems Under The Horizon. A moment in time fully dedicated to undogmatic ambient and chill-out music. Hosted at Walter, a spot known for improvised music and contemporary forms of jazz, free and electronic sounds. This means excellent acoustics, daylight (into nightlight), and warm comfort to lay down and let your mind dance. An outside smoking area will be kept silent with movies curated by Ankabut. The visual installation will be taken care of by Hermans & Claus. Healthy, organic and local food by Le Realism will be available for sale during the afternoon and evening. Drinks provided at the (very!) affordable Walter bar.
  • Gems Under The Horizon 3 - Flyer front
    Gems Under The Horizon 3 - Flyer back