Steel City Chiptune

  • Steel City Chiptune is back for it's second instalment and this time it's got a new venue, where else could be better for a night of retro hardware fun than Sheffields premiere eSports bar, Meltdown! We've got one special line-up for you all: Bit Shifter: Dreary musical status quo got you down? Tired of unsightly instruments and laptops at your concert events? New York City's Bit Shifter supplies industry-leading chiptune thunder, delivering precision square waves and superior grade rhythms from thirty year old handhelds directly to your dancefloor. With nearly 20 years in the business and thousands of satisfied customers around the world, Bit Shifter leaves high-end computer music choking on his exhaust, bringing twice the rock with 0.002% of the processing power. Pain Perdu: French Chiptune Duo Pain Perdu uses Gameboys to cook up sweet and crunchy beats. From hard-hitting Drum'n'Bass to the cheesiest 90's dance hooks, get ready for a musical tasting menu! DJ Formula: Ravi from The Retro Hour Podcast, drops some heavy original .mod files mixing using 2x Commodore Amiga's from 1993 Kojin: Manchester based Kojin uses Gameboys and other pocket devices to create an eclectic mix of EDM. Kojin also runs the only yearly chiptune festival in the UK (ChipBitDay), you can find out more at his blog HarleyLikesMusic: Forged in the Steel City and equipped with 2 Gameboy SPs, Harley will be showcasing his unique blend of high energy original songs inspired by Sheffields rave scene in this special 10 year anniversary set. DJ Dreamcast: Providing the soundtrack in between acts, there's a rumour karaoke may be involved at some point. Idiotbox: Idiotbox Visuals takes your beating thuds for audio-reactive glitching purposes, blending polychronic textures of madness into a shuffling disintegration of live camera feeds, retro games, and anime fight scenes. Get tripped. There'll also be consoles, boardgames, special drinks and more. Our friends over the road at the National Videogame Museum are also offering all ticket holders half price admission on the day, so if you're wanting something to do before the event what better! £5 Earlybirds, £6 Advance, MOTD. Tickets >>> 18+ Only, please bring I.D.
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