Bordeaux Open Air Invites São Paulo

  • Bordeaux Open Air is a free, open-air event, dedicated to music and opened to all throughout the summer. As usual, it invites a different city for each event to celebrate the unifying power of electronic music. This year, the line up is not only influenced by the invited city but also curated by an artist who is especially chosen because of his artistic background. For the closing of the festival, Bordeaux Open Air brings to light a very special city : the proud São Paulo. Known for its active clubbing scene, the Brazilian cultural capital is the next city invited by Bordeaux Open air. The event is curated by Trepanado, famous organizer of parties and open air both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and ex-member of Selvagem, well known Brazilian duo founded with Milos Kaiser. Between post punk, house, psychedelic, batucada and Brazilian disco, his edits and productions make him a complete and emblematic artist on the Brazilian scene. He brings with him Carrot Green, who makes people live unique experiences with house music, and Pigmalião, the musical project from the Brazilian artist Daniel Lucas, a result of experiments on merging texturised, regional & roots references with strange and specific sounds from the globe.
  • Bordeaux Open Air Invites São Paulo - Flyer front