Syntrex presents: Places // 2 x Piksel x Jaeho Hwang x Malthus x Pharaoh Black

  • Utilizing the brutalist and modernist architecture of the Silver Building in East London, SYNTREX presents: P L A C E S / / 2 An innovative, immersive, multi-sensory event exploring the relationship between experimental electronic music, visual art, and physical movement. Support from: MALTHUS (live) JAEHO HWANG (live a/v) PHARAOH BLACK (DJ set) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Artist Info: SYNTREX Syntrex is a London-based multimedia art collective dedicated to fusing experimental sound, moving image, choreography and technology. It was founded by creative duo Ieva Vaiti aka Piksel (composer and producer) and Amy Dang (visual artist), who both met at a residency for Curious Festival (part of the Barbican Centre event series). They recently started a collaboration with Magnus Westwell - choreographer and movement artist. The collective is particularly interested in creating site-specific, interactive experiences, integrating multi-channel live audiovisuals and choreographic compositions. MALTHUS Malthus is an artist, producer and composer. He has composed fashion film scores for Carlota Barrera, The Ragged Priest, JordanLuca and AlunaGeorge, with work featuring on Show Studio, Wonderland, Hunger, Coeval and Vogue Italia. He has opened for RHYE in north-west England, and has been featured in international collaborative projects with Tom Ivin, JW Anderson and Palomo Spain. JAEHO HWANG Jaeho Hwang is a London-based, South Korean composer and visual artist inspired by the Buddhist concept of impermanent selfhood, his first EP combines dark, industrial club beats with traditional Korean instruments and samples. He explores his sense of identity in the digital age as refracted through the Buddhist concept of anatta, or non-self—the belief that there is no unchanging, permanent soul or essence in living beings. PHARAOH BLACK Having already released a smooth and introspective ambient album on Shimmering Moods Records as Luna Monk, Pharaoh Black’s productions and mixes demonstrate a sensitivity to a range of hypnotic sounds. Equally comfortable with ambient, free jazz, experimental and drone, the alias Pharaoh Black has become known for a focus on Afrohouse. Expect rhythmic and percussive club tracks and an experience on the left-field of electronica. Soul Sessions EP.002: ACCESS + INCLUSIVITY This is an inclusive event and any forms of racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or other forms of abuse will not be tolerated. Security will be on hand to deal with any issues. There may be high volume levels and flashing images. Unfortunately there will be no step-free access to this event at the Silver Building.
  • Syntrex presents: Places // 2 x Piksel x Jaeho Hwang x Malthus x Pharaoh Black - Flyer front