Prox.Imity \\ Chvck, The Worm [LIVE] & Residents

  • PROX.IM.I.TY /präkˈsimədē/ noun; nearness in space, time, or relationship. CHVCK The WORM RESIDENTS Chvck. Diacritic Collective | Phonobar Chvck recently transplanted to San Francisco by way of London where he was behind Ubermax, the label and party that ran from 2012-2015 with much success. He is the owner of Phonobar, an audiophile venue in San Francisco. In London, Chvck was always the consummate host, whether it was Ubermax parties or hosting a series of Boiler Room broadcasts from his living room. After finding himself dissatisfied with the quality of venues upon moving to San Francisco in 2015, he turned his energy and passion for hosting events into opening Phonobar in 2018. Phonobar is an intimate audiophile venue that is pushing forward local and international artists cut from a different cloth than what you will find at most other spots in the city. As a DJ Chvck cut his teeth playing at both established venues and warehouse afterparties throughout London. He gained a loyal following who turned up monthly to make the Ubermax parties he threw special affairs each and every time. Ubermax hosted the likes of Hunee, Jeremy Underground, Norm Talley, Mike Huckaby, DJ Three, Doc Martin, Oskar Offerman, Sei A, Medlar and more. San Francisco was a chance for Chvck to hit the reset button and focus his attention into the studio. He now chooses only to play selective, but important gigs. Over the past 6 years he's played alongside the best artists in the world including, Mathew Jonson, Guti, Mike Huckaby, Oskar Offerman, DJ Three, Doc Martin, Jeremy Underground, Dorisburg, Norm Talley, Sei A, Moodymanc, Damian Lazarus, Canson, and Nina Kraviz among others. His passion for the art of DJing and music culture in general is sometimes hidden by his laid back attitude. Talk to him once and you'll soon discover how deep that passion goes. He's committed his life to pushing forward the culture he loves in all facets, not just DJing. THE WORM | LIVE SET (Kirkwood West, Mendocino, CA) Escaping the midwest, The Worm moved to the Mendocino coast to escape his past and continue his work on developing the slomo techno sound. This sound consists of hypnotic evolving synthesizer sequences, dubbed out chords and rolling basslines, chugging at 100 BPM. PROX. RESIDENTS: Matt Main Victor Vega DJ Brendan Finlayson Prox.imity SF is a side project that Victor Vega & wife Laura Vega have been developing for the past year and a half. Producing a few underground Parties along with an Official Movement Party this past year. With future events in the works. This is an opportunity for a new collaboration to come to fruition, develop their skills and bring new ideas to digital arts, Music production and DJing. Visuals by: Create Stage & Burton L $8 @ THE DOOR ALL NIGHT LONG
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