Music for Hypnagogic States Concert

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    Khan Brothers, X-Navi:Et, AHRKH, DJ Pluton Ovarian
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  • Concert of live music made for entering hypnagogic states- between wakefulness and sleep. Inspired by and encouraging lucid dreams in the realms of sound. Khan Brothers (PK/UK) – Live music drawn from Sufi rituals, meditative, repetition. Master musicians performing for over 30 years in the UK and Europe, carrying forward the tradition of their ancestor’s in performing Sufi Qawwali. X-Navi:Et (PL) Rafal Iwański, member of groups HATI, Innercity Ensemble, Kapital, Alameda 5, Voices of the Cosmos, is a percussionist and electronic sound artist from Toruń, Poland. He presents electro-acoustic music, a combination of analog and digital electronic devices with acoustic instruments and found recordings. AHRKH (UK) AHRKH is the solo project of A P Macarte, current multi-instrumentalist member of Salford’s critically acclaimed noise experimentalists GNOD (Rocket Recordings/NoNotFun). Using Modular synthesiser, field recordings and voice, and often paired with video, light manipulation and visual collaborations, AHRKH explores the relationship between sound and vision, and their ability to invoke altered states, to touch the intangible within us and transcend our present reality, or in his own words “Traverse the infinite aural/astral panorama and ultra-dimensional transportation methods via sound”. This event is part of We're All Bats - A special programme of events, activities and creative workshops to express and enjoy sounds. We're All Bats is part of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019.
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