Group Reiki Session with rrao

  • For this installment rrao will lead a group Reiki session. For those unfamiliar, Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice that works on the emotional, mental and physical levels of being. Dealing with disharmony in the body as well as the spirit. It will meet you where you are in your personal healing and address things that are ready to come to the surface. For some people it is received mainly as relaxation, for others it can be intellectual, or meditative. There is no limit to what can be experienced. Though this is a group session, everyone is still free to receive their own personal healing. All humans are welcome to participate at your own pace, based on your own personal needs. Sliding scale discounts for BIPOC and trans at a rate of $15. If asking requested sliding scale, pay direct to VENMO @kikicosmicegg. This is a community event.
  • Group Reiki Session with rrao - Flyer front