Motherchip Connexion: Alopex Launch Party

  • Cambridge's only serious choice for underground electro returns to 2648 Cambridge. Nullptr (live) - Celebrating the release of his new ALOPEX EP for Fanzine Records, Nullptr debuts his new live show. Expect reworkings of tracks from his releases for CPU and SolarOneMusic, as well as brand new material. The Subdermic - Representing the harder electro and techno component of the night is The Subdermic. Abrasive technoid rhythms reverberate around twisted sonic sculptures when she takes control of the dancefloor. Purplehands - Motherchip Connexion resident and founder, Purplehands is set to unleash another onslaught of robotic beats and pulsing basslines guaranteed to launch you into hyperspace! Sp-101 - New on the Cambridge electro scene, SP-101 (aka Graeme Malyon) will be making his Motherchip debut. Being a vinyl purist, Graeme will be digging into his record collection to take you on an electro ride.
  • Motherchip Connexion: Alopex Launch Party - Flyer front