MODE 2019: 10hrs of Ambient (GAS, Laurel Halo, Beatrice Dillon)

  • If you enjoy zoning out to expertly crafted ambient music, this event is quite a delight. For a full ten hours, Laurel Halo has brought together some of the most respected artists in this field for a day of live sets designed for deep listening.
  • MODE 2019 Curated by Laurel Halo 10hrs of live ambient sets: GAS (live a/v) / LAUREL HALO (Live) / BEATRICE DILLON (Live) / ELLEN ARKBRO / TOMOKO SAUVAGE / OLIVER COATES / SUSO SAIZ / KALI MALONE / JOHN ALSO BENNETT + AMOSPHERE GAS (Live A/V) Wolfgang Voigt, born in 1961 in Cologne, Germany, is an artist, music producer, label owner and one of the co-founders of the Cologne-based electronica and techno label Kompakt. LAUREL HALO (Live) Laurel will be playing her ONLY SET set of 2019 - a specially devised ambient piece that written for the MODE audience especially BEATRICE DILLON (Live) Beatrice Dillon is an artist, musician and DJ based in London UK. Like Laurel she will be writing a brand new live ambient set specifically for MODE 2019 ELLEN ARKBRO Ellen Arkbro (b. 1990, Stockholm) is a composer and sound-artist primarily working with intervallic harmony in just intonation. TOMOKO SAUVAGE Over the past decade, Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR) has been working on “natural synthesizer” of her invention – waterbowls – combining water, ceramics and hydrophones (underwater microphones). OLIVER COATES Oliver Coates is a cellist, electronic producer and composer from the UK. His live performances centre on amplified cello interacting with computer environments for sound processing, triggering dub delays, distortions and synth patterns underneath long-limbed and smooth-bowed melodies to submerge the listener. SUSO SAIZ Suso Sáiz is an avant-garde musician, composer and producer; the reference of electronic music in Spain is an imaginative and subtle guitar, creator of unmistakable “hypnotics”. ​ KALI MALONE Headquartered in Stockholm, Kali Malone is an American composer and musician who creates sonic monoliths that tug at the very material of listening. Via analog and digital synthesis – and within compositional frameworks that utilize unique tunings and psycho-acoustic phenomena – Malone’s dark minimalism maintains a certain gravity, even as the ground shifts. JOHN ALSO BENNETT John Also Bennett is an American composer, flautist and synthesist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a member of the trio Forma and founding member of the duo Seabat, as well as composing and performing solo under his own name. AMOSPHERE Amo Vaccaria is a Paris-based musician and multidisciplinary visual artist. Environmental, cosmological sounds of electronic music with influences from conceptual art, pioneers of early electronic music, minimal music, ambient, krautrock and library music – she uses a minimalist vocabulary of geometric forms to explore the sonority of nonmaterial illusions.
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  • MODE 2019: 10hrs of Ambient (GAS, Laurel Halo, Beatrice Dillon) - Flyer front