Wonderlust DBN x Constellation with Falhaber & Tim Tama

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    Falhaber (PLS.UK, Obscuur, RAW) Tim Tama (ARTS, Emerald Records, RAW) ALEX HOLDER WONDERLUST SOUNDSYSTEM
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  • Wonderlust DBN will be collaborating with Constellation for a truly intense audio-visual experience, showcasing the best in industrial, acid techno and EBM; with a ton of lasers, projection mapping, art installations and more to make this a truly immersive experience. We’re cutting no corners and taking no prisoners, come and experience it for yourself on September 20th for our first Dublin showcase. Constellation come from their background in putting on warehouse afterparties in Dublin, and have quickly grew to become a recognised name in the underground music scene within the city. Shortly after, they decided to run a slew of parties across Dublin hosting acts such as CJ Bolland b2b T99, Boddika and Pariah. Constellation are no strangers to the harder sounds of electronic music, but with their extremely wide music taste, you can expect only the finest electronic music from all genres. Falhaber (RAW, Obscuur Records) - Falhaber is a young producer and dj based in The Hague, Holland. He is inspired by many different genres which can be heard throughout his performances. His sets include interesting build ups and overwhelming breakdowns composed with Ambient, Electro, Breakbeat, Techno, Industrial, Rave, Early Trance & Hardcore. All these elements are perfectly brought together to take over the dancefloor and get the audience going until the sun rises and beyond. Tim Tama (RAW, Arts Collective) -Tim Tama is a 22 year-old producer from the Netherlands. His sound can be described as a unique blend of hard-hitting drums and cinematic strings. In a relatively short amount of time, he has managed to release material on labels such as Obscuur Records, Taro Records, Raven Sigh, and Grounded. The inspiration for his material comes from a wide range of sources: art, television, film, a wide range of musical genres, and experiences from day-to-day life. Although the concept of repetition is essential to techno, he strives to constantly innovate and never do the same thing twice. Creating art that moves is a challenging, but nonetheless exciting journey. It is all about conveying the ideas and concepts that are in your head in a way that people who take the time to listen understand what the artist is doing. Tim Tama creates atmospheres, which can be described as moving, epic, emotional, and dramatic. These ambiences provide hypnotic backdrops for hard-hitting kicks and percussion – proving that his music does indeed belong on the dance floor. Supported by Alex Holder and Wonderlust Soundsystem who will be hammering out heavy duty acid techno and industrial from doors open, this is sure to be best way to end the summer!
  • Wonderlust DBN x Constellation with Falhaber & Tim Tama - Flyer front