Making Faces W/Il Bosco/Annabel Fraser and More

  • we're back at the white hotel in september with a load of our local favourites. music provided by: Il bosco (red laser) the red laser boss, played one of our favourite sets of the year last time he came down, expect italo gems and plenty of synth goodness. annabel fraser (twh/nts) theirs no one better to warm up twh. phoebe valentine (b.l.o.o.m) b2b dr mystery (nts) the b.l.o.o.m co founder and nts regular go b2b for the first time. things should get weird. jorg kunning (bakk.heia) (live av room 1) jorg's bringing his modular setup to room 1, his live performances are always a treat. new release out now on bakk.heia. as always, the flasher warns he will bin your iPhone if you ruin his lighting with torches and flash. come get defaced. tickets £8/10.
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  • Making Faces W/Il Bosco/Annabel Fraser and More - Flyer front