Ross From Friends: 4 Fridays at Phonox

  • Ross From Friends, AKA Felix Clary Weatherall, makes his long-awaited return to the Phonox booth for four Fridays in October. Released in August on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint, Felix’s second EP Epiphany touches on much darker and clubbier sounds compared to the velvet-smooth basslines and harmonies found in previous productions. It’s safe to say we’re very excited to hear this new sound, which marries so well with our soundsystem, for four weeks on the trot. In just a couple of years Felix has stormed the dance scene with releases on Lobster Theremin, Distant Hawaii, Breaker Breaker, Magicwire, Molten Jets, and of course, now, Brainfeeder. Amongst this vast amount of productions, headlining festivals, peak slots at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, supporting duties for Bicep and Little Dragon, Felix’s ability to shift between producer, DJ, and live musician shows just how versatile he is. Doors for the bar open from 9:30pm, DJ starts at 10pm.