Shelter; AUS Music Floorplan Pres. 'Supernatural' ADE

  • Shelter invites Will Saul and Robert Hood for their ADE kickoff. Both DJs are pioneers who have dedicated years and years of hard work and passion to creating an output that's both unique and inspiring.
    Frederique van Waning
  • ADE Wed 16/10 Tickets available in presale and at the door. 🎟1st release €20,50 | 2nd release €23,50 __ At Shelter, there is zero-tolerance for harassment, violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. We kindly ask you to help create a respectful and safe atmosphere. The music and vibe are always the main focus - please refrain from photography or video recording to ensure the best experience for your fellow clubber. Shelter is a cashless club, we only accept cards (bank cards and all major debit/credit cards are accepted). Lockers cost €2,-
  • Shelter; AUS Music Floorplan Pres. 'Supernatural' ADE - Flyer front