MATERIALS: Party For Climate Change

  • Have you ever been to a carbon neutral party before? This admirable climate conscious event is offsetting the carbon emissions of the club's electricity, as well as both DJs' travel. They are also donating 50 percent of profits to Julie's Bicycle, a charity supporting climate action within the arts.
  • ** THIS PARTY IS CARBON NEUTRAL ** Heading home to Brighton Stronghold Patterns, we bring you an interstellar line-up of all things Techno and Electro with a splash of Italo disco in aid of Climate Change with two very special guests... Jensen Interceptor (CPU) Introducing Jensen Interceptor and his menacing brand of heavyweight production – his versatile sound and varied selection ranging from Detroit electro and Miami bass to rolling Italo and thundering breaks has swiftly propelled him to international fame. This all makes for an unforgettable sonic journey like no other. We’re looking forward to Jensen bringing a unique and powerful performance to Patterns basement. You can listen to his latest release below: DEBONAIR (NTS) The London based DJ DEBONAIR has been making waves through her NTS radio show with a diverse selection of post-punk, coldwave, EBM, techno, Italo-disco and classic house and has quickly developed a cult following. DEBONAIR is easily as comfortable in the booth as she is in the studio, quickly developing a unique sound that effortlessly blends genres and eras. With her rep as a DJ is ever-growing, we can’t wait to find out what she will be bringing to Patterns booth! You can listen to one of her esteemed NTS shows here: MATERIALS RESIDENTS: Bacchus b2b Layce - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ALL carbon emissions from the production of this event will be offset via Gold Standard Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits purchased as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Offset projects include but are not limited to; afforestation in Brazil and Kenya, renewable energy powered cookstoves in Uganda, NativeEnergy Clean Water Programme in Honduras, hydroelectric power plant in Chile and many more! Our offsetting credits will cover the electricity use from the club over the course of the event (14th - 15th Sept), Jensen Interceptor's travel from Berlin (including flights, trains + taxis) and Debonair's travel from/to London (including trains + taxis). "Green Riders" will also be in effect so vegetarian and vegan food ONLY will be supplied to the DJs. Refillable bottles will be encouraged for all Materials promoters, DJs and Patterns staff to reduce plastic waste. Lastly, 50% of profits from the event are to be donated to Julie's Bicycle, a creative charity for climate change action. More ways for us to reduce our impact on the environment from this event will be published in the lead-up to the 14th September, and the night before the event we will show you our approved offsetting certificate and how much CO2 we are saving!! We'd like to thank Neil + the Patterns team, Jensen Interceptor, DEBONAIR, Outer Agency and Qu Junktions Agency for their co-operation and enthusiasm to our idea and helping us make it happen! A very special thank you goes to Julie's Bicycle for their advice along the way in the production of making this event a reality! See you on the floor, M x (Artwork by Megan Ricca - IG: @meganriccagraphics)
  • MATERIALS: Party For Climate Change - Flyer front