Boiler Room Weekender x Nightflight

  • Pulling back the curtain on a weekend at Jaeger, from the perspective of a viewfinder and broadcast on simulcast in full colour. We open on Jaeger’s courtyard in the middle of the day, with a line-up that will take us through the brief darkness of an evening in Norwegian summer before depositing us back in the morning, as those first rays of light start to streak over the horizon. After broadcasting live from our basement the day before, Boiler Room will keep the mics recording into Saturday for an extensive lineup showcasing the best of Norway and Oslo have to offer in the realm of electronic music artists and DJs. A combination of established and new artists fill a whole day’s musical programming across two floors with live shows and DJ sets under the auspices of the Boiler Room.
  • Boiler Room Weekender x Nightflight - Flyer front