Zipang Full Moon Party in Hoi An

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    HIDEFUMI WATANABE×UTA(SPACE FLPWER)[JP] Hiro×Takishima(SLEEPING BAG)[JP] Kasahara×Jit(SYMPATHY)[JP] Blackship(SUNNY)[JP] Datchiii(LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL)[JP] kage(Debris)[JP] NAOTSUN[JP] Hyphyline[JP] ZEN ◯ (ZIPANG)[JP] CMT(Powwow)[JP] Haruka(Future Terror)[JP] DJ FUMI(Minagoroshi)[JP] Hibiya Line(The Observatory)[VN] Medical(Teishuku)[JP] ME:CA(INDIGO TRIBE)[JP] eRee(INDIGO TRIBE)[JP] Taku Hirayama(OMA)[JP] Yukaremix (ballad)[JP] TrinhNu(Hanoi)[VN] Mr. Mahal (OPIO)[VN] baseHEAD(ZIPANG)[JP] -ART- LIVE PAINT 〼meL-Hen(sightrip/ZIPANG)[JP] STONE63(ZIPANG)[JP] -DJ- Ouissam(Savage/Equation)[VN] DJ Yu-Ta(ZIPANG)[JP] SINKICHI[JP] Teruu[Saigon/JP] -LIVE- Based On Kyoto feat Tokyo Ghetto Shamisen[JP] KENTA HAYASHI[JP] Directed by Shuntaro Arakawa Teruu
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  • ※日本語は下にあります。 Made in Japan Art & Music festival “ZIPANG” will throw a block party with FREE ENTRANCE which is held in 3 different places on September 13th/14th/15th in Hoi An and Da Nang. * 3 Times we will change the venues , hold and keep this event 3 days. Kind of circuit style Party. * Each Venue isn't long distance. This Festival term is also Mid-Autumn Festival season which is biggest festival day in the year for Vietnam and a lot of celebration with Moon Cakes! Let's dance under the moon light with Moon Cakes and experiense exotic chaos nights with the Hoi An sea breeze like exactly we will make FULL MOON PARTY. What is ZIPANG? ZIPANG is a Populer ART&MUSIC Festival, getting more attracting public attention in Japan which is made by the concentrated pure energy of Japanese art collectives. This time is in Hoi An, we will hold friendship party and gathering between Vietnam and Japan, also with all music lovers. And brings both Vietnam and Japan's representative of underground scene and unites all in Hoi An/Da Nang! More info is coming up...Keep your eyes open and Be Ready for this Amazing Gathering party !!! This Movie is this year tessere ZIPANG in Japan!! --日本語---------------------------------------------------------- Made in Japan Art &Music fes ZIPANG が9月13、14、15にDa Nang、Hoi Anで3会場使ったブロックフリーパーティーを開催する!14日-15日はFULLMOON PARTYとして 、ホイアンの1年で一番大きいな満月祭を行っているスペシャルな日、エキゾチックでカオスな夜を体感しよう。 What's is ZIPANG? ZIPANGは日本のアンダーグラウンドのピュアなパーワーが詰まった、日本で人気のART&MUSIC Fes 日本とベトナムのフレンドシップパーティーとして、日本/ベトナムのアンダーグラウンドを代表するアーティスト、が満月の日に Hoi An/Da Nangに集結する! ZIPANG2019 teaser movie Hoi An movie ※情報は都度更新されていきますのでお見逃しなく!
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