Goodness: Umfang, Luca Lozano

  • GOODNESS 11.10 –––– SOUP KITCHEN, M1 1DF Pushing a raw, spontaneous, and analogue techno sound inspired the methodology and aesthetic of the 90s Detroit and Euro scenes, Discwoman co-founder UMFANG has been a vital outpost for politically-motivated dance music since her first residency at the ‘Technofeminism’ night at Brooklyn's Bossa Nova Civic Club in 2013. Since then she’s carved out her own space within the scene that’s characterised not only by hard-hitting DJ sets, but also by delicate and diffuse productions, such as her 2017 ‘Symbolic Use of Light’ on the Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour. Don’t miss… Klasse Wrecks / Zodiac 44 / Graffiti Tapes boss Luca Lozano has been captaining the breakbeat & rave revival ship in recent years, thanks to a string of brilliant 90s-leaning releases on his label, and an expansive library of very banging rave tracks. Also a practicing graphic designer pushing a lofi style inspired by acid house culture, he’s one of the key artists making modern day dance music accountable to its 90s roots.
  • Goodness: Umfang, Luca Lozano - Flyer front