Solon Charity Event with Mihai Pol, Cosmjn, caLLy and Timoti

  • After a long deserved break, we are back in November with something special and extremely close to our hearts. On November 2nd, SolonLondon will be holding a one off event at 93 Feet East, with profits being used to support and buy gifts for orphans in Romania. We will be working with 3 different children’s homes, and 3 foster homes in and around Brasov who offer shelter to children with a range of different physical and mental disadvantages. Across these homes there are 100 children in total. With the money we raise we will be purchasing the necessary toys/ warm clothes/ stationary for their needs, and delivering them personally to the children on Christmas Day. We have absolutely no idea how much we expect to raise, however if our fundraising greatly exceeds our best hopes, we have plenty of time to look for additional children’s homes that we can help. Joining us in November will be Brasov born Mihai Pol, Cosmjn ,Cally and of course as always our favourite residents Timoti. If you wish to support this cause and help us help others in need, please please buy a ticket for our party and join us on what is set to be a memorable night ❤ +++ Mihai Pol [ SUNRISE ] +++ Cosmjn [ SUNRISE ] +++ Timoti [ SolonLondon ] +++ Cally [ SUNRISE ] For whoever cant come to our event but would like to help us out, we have set up just giving page.
  • Solon Charity Event with Mihai Pol, Cosmjn, caLLy and Timoti - Flyer front