Pamela and her Sons / Marcyanne Hanneman / Xena

  • SUNDAY MATINEE from usa PAMELA AND HER SONS (CGI Records) and MARCYANNE HANNEMAN from berlin the synth sorceress XENA und dj puddle davor, dazwischen, und danach :) Pamela_ and her sons (NYC) is the solo project of Carbon Anderson (1/2 of abstract noise duo BIG DED.) Fragmented, off-kilter microtonal composition with poetic texture, surreal diaristic immersion shifting from ambience to textural rhythm. Anderson’s work in sound shares a symbiotic relationship with painting, often exchanging references and themes of anxiety, relationships, and psychogeography. Pamela_and her sons aka Carbon Anderson, erects walls of electronic sounds that are sweetly inviting, yet sinisterly looming. Carbon layers eerie pitch shifted vocals with an amalgam of resonant, atmospheric modulations. Strobing in and out of tonal comfort zones, they create a tension in their music, a pleasurable discomfort, akin to blood rushing back into numb skin. -Rough Trade Marcyanne is an American poet and performer currently living in the Appalachian mountains. Her work explores the elegance of the oneiric, sculpting a world just beyond meaning through extended abstraction, simultaneous narratives and sonic atmosphere. She has most currently performed for Black Mountain College Museum, Neo-Pastiche:Changes in American music (festival) and Mild Climate. Xena presents the soundtrack to the spiritual transformation of a young woman. Tonight she will debut this special work, performed on various analog synthesizers. Xena is the alter ego of synth goddess Bethany Barrett. Born in the mountains of the Black Forest, raised in sunny California, she now resides in Berlin. Her unique style is inspired by synth-heavy film soundtracks and italo disco, driven by her love of analog electronics. As Xena Vectra, she performs live using an all hardware setup, no laptop. She is always looking for new projects involving sound design, including film and game soundtracks, and is available for live bookings throughout Europe. She also appears as one half of synth duo Magisphere. Her soundtrack work includes scoring indie film Figaros Wölfe (2017) and creating data sonifications for German artist Hito Steyerl's Drill (2019), This is the Future (2019) and Power Plants (2019). es geht pünktlich los
  • Pamela and her Sons / Marcyanne Hanneman / Xena - Flyer front