Melting Point - One Year Anniversary

  • The one-year anniversary of one of the city’s most radical parties. Expect anything from simmering techno, charged noisescapes, to deep reggaeton at the function, which doubles as a fundraiser for border rights organization Al Otro Lado.
  • The Melting Point collective is celebrating one year of diverse and challenging rave nights in solidarity with migrants rights. Over the past year, a vibrant community has formed- DJs, producers, visual artists and the nightlife community have come together to create a new environment- a space where music and art uplift people beyond the dance floor through solidarity, resistance, and fundraising. The community exists beyond binaries, borders, and labels and is made up of people from all spectrums of life, backgrounds, and identities. Riobamba and DJ Python bring two unique takes on Reggaeton to the lineup- Fresh from playing Dekmantel, DJ Python blends deep Reggaeton with mind warping underground dance tracks. Riobamba serves Reggaeton classics mixed expertly world club to ignite the floor. Bombardier comes to us fresh from Even Further Festival. This Midwest titan who has played the likes of Kit Kat’s Gegen party brings his signature hardcore tek to Melting Point. DJ [oh] eM Gee 666 !!! of Machine Girl is known for for psychotic tempo shifting, kneecap breaking diverse sound scapes. Plus many, many more, and a very special guest. Sonic resistance by: DJ Python @Dj__pythonRiobamba RIOBAMBA_dj DJ [oh] eM Gee 666 !!! of Machine Girl Bombardier @jasonjsnell @industrialstrengthrec SPECIAL GUEST TBA ++ Cotton @cottonroachLoka @loka.000Gaul Plus @GaulplusDanirev @Dani.rev_Nullobite BiteFighter RESIDENT Cole Carter @cole__carterLIVE: Dreamcrusher Guido @shitney_queers Bonnie Baxter from Kill Alters Food Corps @F00dc0rp Channel 63 channel63 MURDERPACT @murderpact Al Otro Lado Representative: Sue Chang @[email protected]_org VENDORS: Deathbysheep King Sheep BITCHFIST Bitchfist Bitchfist 1-800-possessed @1_800_possessed Nachi Conde-Farley ART INSTALLATIONS: @_vvxxii Monsoooooooon Perri MacKenzie Heaven Ender HOSTS: brujas Sabel Boo Maria Nineonine Shelby Sells Connor Eitner Harry Charlesworth Maja Stojkovic Jordan Sinclair Mauri Menjivar Ben Chabanon Sean Ford Marz Lovejoy @marzyjane Seashell @sleepy.angel ✧ LIZ ✧ @girl_asturias Lorena Zella M. @temptationwaits
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