NADA 002: CONTRA w/ DJ Uncaring

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    SECO))) Equi3v Haste DJ Uncaring
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  • NADA. We all came from NADA. And that is what you should bring with you. Nothingness. NADA means nothing and we want you to get down to nothing and dance the pain away. A collective made out of the need to vent out our tastes and positive nihilism. So many of us define ourselves by what we stand against. For all who do welcome to CONTRA. The party against ennui, against hatred, bigotry, fascism, low quality kebab and bad techno. From nothingness to togetherness. Just because you are sexy af does not mean you can't stand and rage against what's going on. Take space, make space, love space, dance till the early hours with NĀDA 002: CONTRA. From nothingness into togetherness ♥ Don't believe the hype though. Believe the reviews: "These babes are pretty awful... Awfully good I mean. They made me sweat all the lager and smoke less than I normally do. Best collective of the half day for sure" FME "Hot on the decks, smooth on the dancefloor, classless on the toilets, NADA is here to show Portugal has more than just NATA. Watch out for their Berlengas residence" CDJ Magazine "Disgusting, filth and lack of morals. Filthy migrants taking away from our culture. This is why we need to drain the swamp and this is why we need Brexit" - Intradaily Mirror Time in - "Still one of the zero parties I like going to. Don't miss out this one, one good night sleep is just one night in your life but this kind of trauma stays with you forever" - Time In • industrial • techno • EBM • noise • acid • electro • minimal • wave • ++++ Advance tix on RA, 5£ on the door ++++ Goes without saying, any racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, fascist or any kind of assholery will not be tolerated! +++++ Line Up +++++ DJ Uncaring_ Soundtracking the end of days isn't an easy task, but one that DJ Uncaring gladly takes upon herself. A percussion addict with a flair for weird tempos, her sets swim the high seas of drexciyan electro and dive deep into breathless acidic breaks. Never punishing but always pushing for a full body experience. SECO)))_ Cosmic techno, acid vibes, dark & weird machine music. SECO))) is the audible expression of London-based João Seco. Tempered by his lifelong passion for black metal, psychedelic music and the esoteric, he brings dark, transcendent and shimmering tanzmusik to the dancefloor. Haste_ Quick and to the point. Kick. Kick. Hi hat. Kick. Kick. Never wasting time haste has been honing his own take on cold minimal techno for a while and is ready to wreck the dance floor quicker than you can say NĀDA Equi3v_ From London to the W(h)or(e)ld with loads of Lisbon in them, EquI3v stems from an urge to blend techno and their love for queer misanthropy, mostly Diamanda Galas. Darkness in shades of pink and a blanket of noise you can cuddle in and feel the embrace of the beat beat beat. Mixing the bass of whorehouse parties and the opulence of synth moods with a focus on unrelenting industrial techno with the occasional black metal. Music so nasty you would rather be at the dance floor than at the cruising area. A facial of noise.
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