NOTWAR 002 - Reloaded

  • The guards have been sent to warn us. The 002 was a glitch and they came to investigate it with orders to seek and destroy. It is clear now that the system is heavily programmed to search for anomalies and suppress the ones who reject the established rules by showing signs of free initiative. It operates under the premise that Humans are inherently flawed, therefore to be controlled and stripped of any freewill, and in return fed the perfectly engineered illusion of freedom of choice, that both numbs and dumbs us down as a species. In this version of the software Humans are regarded as mere numbers on a computer program, designed and bread to further an outdated automated system, that only serves the psychopathic machine entities in charge. The anomalies though, are THE ONES who have found glitches in the system, and have been for centuries downloading advanced programs into their minds breaking free from it and guiding others with them. They have developed the ability to plug themselves in and out of the matrix as they see fit and use it to help one another. They are the ones chosen to program and upload more and more portals where Humans can freely express the innate ability of compassion and care for each other that unites us as one. The 002 Reloaded is a temporary gate where THE ONES meet to find ways to help those stuck in the system. This door will be shut after 5AM, further coordinates must be kept private for protection of all members of this meeting. Lineup Lockhart (UK) URSULA (UK) End Train (Metempsychosis Records, UK) Kalli (THEM, UK) All funds donated to the The Yellow Days resistance. 10£ donation at the gate or on R.A
  • NOTWAR 002 - Reloaded - Flyer front
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