Carepack Float at Carnival of Cultures

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    Crash House Brothers (Carepack / Berlin) Mighty Fruitz (Carepack / Berlin) Radek (tfas, Carepack / Berlin) Sencha ( / Leipzig) Bella Pee (Suburb Club) and the 3rd turntable wizzard Rollin' Thunder (Dangerous Drums, Carepack) special guests Lud Dub & Mancub (Net Amp, Mighty Breaks / San Francisco, US)
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  • On Whit Sunday (June 04 2006) the 11th Carnival of Cultures takes place in Berlin. The Carnival of Cultures is of special importance to Berlin's ethnic communities. They see it as a challenge and an incentive to reconsider their view on the culture in their respective country of origin and define their cultural self-image "between two cultures". The involvment in carnival activities strengthens the bonds within ethnic communities and among all the groups alike. Their presence in the national and international media lead to a growing self-esteem within ethnic communities. Therefore, the Carnival of Cultures promotes the awareness for the positive impact made by immigrants on Berlin's cultural and social life. Carepack Records joins the carnival for the first time this year.