Trauma Pres. Vessel & Pedro Maia Live, IVVVO, Lotic, LYZZA

  • Vessel presents his latest a/v show alongside Berlin visual artist Pedro Maia. A composer and producer whose persistent evolution cannot be second guessed, Sebastian Gainsborough's output as Vessel has reached another peak with his chamber-influenced and classically-suffused third LP, Queen Of Golden Dogs, released on Tri Angle last year. Influenced by a range of writers, the painter Remedios Varo and a new love, the album is a marked departure from Vessel’s previous work. IVVVO brings his new live show to Berlin after the release of the excellent “DoG” album on Halcyon Veil in March. Like a magpie with fancy taste, IVVVO picks the shiniest and most affective elements of contemporary dance/rock/pop and electronica - from deconstructed trance synths to blockbuster sound design and choral arrangements - and then weaves them into searing, reactive expressions of modernity. The results are skizzy, veering from anxious to ecstatic and often in the space of one song. Fierce performer and Berlin icon Lotic brings one of their thrilling and unpredictable dj sets to Trauma. “Lotic exudes a palpable sexual energy onstage. In a typical DJ set, they might suggestively bend and contort their body, relishing the spotlight behind (and on) the decks. This fierce spirit carries through into Lotic's jarring bass experiments, whose corrosive sounds evade conventional forms—they're best thought of as treacherous soundscapes of unearthly shrieks, tectonic bass and brutalised vocal samples.“ (RA) LYZZA has become a familiar face during radical club nights and has been seen doing shows with Mykki Blanco and on line-ups alongside names like Fatima Al Qadiri, Evian Christ,Le1f, Yves Tumor and SOPHIE. “The ascending DJ-slash-producer-slash-vocalist allows people to reclaim their own bodies through her heavy club beats, turning each venue into a true safe haven for everyone to move freely and with conviction.” - Glamcult _______ Doors open at 8.30, concerts start at 9.30
  • Trauma Pres. Vessel & Pedro Maia Live, IVVVO, Lotic, LYZZA - Flyer front