the Amplified Kitchen: is the Shit Still Fucked

  • panel discussion with: roy siny (expeditions / section 8), perrine sauviat (dj & producer la fraicheur) / empty chair for your participation! as history repeats? after the disinvitation of Talib Kweli from OpenSource Festival in düsseldorf and the radical queer march in berlin, the debate about the anti-Israel movement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and reasons to support or oppose them has flared up again. the disinvitation of the festival was followed by a statement of the artist, the media report, there's heated arguments on social media, and other artists expressed their solidarity with Talib Kweli. So far, so familiar. especially poeple involved in the digital debate are experiencing verbal assault, emotional injury and the continuous repetition of the same arguments. with its deadlocked narratives, the social media-compatible text length and its strategy of outrage the digital discussion leaves no room for rapprochement and development. it's not just the question if the BDS movement as a campaign is antisemitic or not that makes this verbal exchange so vehement. the argument is also affected by other topics that are drowned out by the ruckus: it's about racism, identity and moral high ground, about colonialism, about context and spheres of resonance. the continuing inability to discuss at eye level leads to fractions: on the dancefloors, behind the decks and within the communities of club culture. Is it possible to fix the cultural shambles without discussing these topics? what impacts does the discussion about BDS have on the global club culture? are there positive examples of exchange and solidarity between djs, promoters, agencies and clubs? How do we create room for a respectful, unhurtful exchange? and: do we all have to agree? moderation: christian vagt music: syriantal food: roku doors: 19:00 talk: 20:00 – free entrance (donation) – funded by musicboard berlin gmbh.
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