Pure Sonik Youth

  • First in a series of lowkey techno events by Alan Oldham and Pure Sonik Records at the secret Spati rave. Here I get to stretch out to longer sets and play lower-tempo techno and house (not tech-house). Think more Globus, less Tresor. The rule for the night is to go no higher than 126 bpm, but I think we might break it! (My usual T-1000 sets start at 130+). Joining me in the booth is my brother from Brooklyn Lenny Posso (Thema Recordings) and my BFF here in Berlin, Lisa Q! Pure Sonik Youth tees and tote bags will be available exclusively at the event, while supplies last! The "Pure Sonik Youth" EP is out on digital in September on Pure Sonik Records.
  • Pure Sonik Youth - Flyer front