Movement Torino 2019

  • The European counterpart to the legendary Detroit festival, Movement is held every year in Turin, Italy, late Autumn / early Winter. Constantly the major indoor dance event in Italy in terms of numbers and quality of the acts, quite soon it started to spread all over the city with several collateral events, parties, workshops, lectures in addition to the main venues, which are set to a capacity of an average attendance of 20,000. Its line up is always devoted to absolute quality, as it bears a tradition and distinction that’s simply outstanding and deeply connected with the truest and most important roots of techno and house. All the major names within the techno and house game have been involved through the years (name one, he or she has played there…), and serving their sets there is always, year by year, a state-of-the-art sound and lights infrastructure.
  • Movement Torino 2019 - Flyer front