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  • ▩ INFO In September we will start the second BRVTAL season in LÄRM. As we did one year ago, we would like to highlight a new rising star but this time we will turn to the west side from the north and focusing the french scene! Draugr became a key figure in the Paris techno scene with over 8 years of experience behind him, co-founding of the infamous label Wrongnotes and as Niki Istrefi he's also playing only live! And this is our luck, because his unique pointy and fast paced style successfully hits the entire musical spectrum sending the crowd into a deep, groovy and powerful euphoria. So, it is not a suprize that he joined to the RAW agency like Niki. On the home front, the usual hosts AGA2L, Max Sinclair and their Adjutant NVKP will serve, but there will be another surprise here, because this night will be Bedux's debute at LÄRM as well! ▩ Artwork by Zsófia Cséve ▩ Pre-sale tickets on RA
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