Boxjam 2019 (Day / Night Session)

  • BOXJAM 2019 - Day / Night Session Saturday 12th October / 3pm - 4am The Old Red Bus Station - Leeds // With a focus on live performances, we open Oxjam Leeds Music Festival 2019's weekend electronic sessions with a 13-hour day/night party featuring some of the region’s best live electronic musicians and DJs. All of our artists have donated their time and talent to help us raise money for Oxfam Great Britain to continue their work bringing better lives to people around the world. Spread across 3 rooms at The Old Red Bus Station, with a range of talent from veteran producers to student house party DJs, this promises to be a sonic treat! 👇 We are starting off early for those that just fancy catching some great live electronic music, and finishing late for those that want to carry the party on into the night! Special Guests ----- Gez Varley (LFO / G-Man) b2b Edzy (Unique 3) Live ----- Auto Sound City (Weapons of Desire) CYBEREIGN ([BATTERY'PARK'STUDIO], Tropical Underground) Dublock LoYo Mantra (Bunker Records, Solar One Music, Polybius Trax) Moi_6 Paradise Grey (Dave Wheels / Sushitech Records) Urban Exploration (Crooked Acres Records) DJ/Live Performances ----- Mallory (Death Bunker) Q-Chip (Bunker Records, Solar One Music, Gnosis) DJs ----- Agent808 (Modulations Podcast) Al Bradley (3am Recordings) DJ Ford Foster (Bleeper, Opal Tapes, Unknown to the Unknown) Fifth Element Collective (MODUM) John+Roland (Digital Distortions, BRAWLcast) John Paynter (A Space Age Freak Out) Josh Burlo (Sueño.) Kia Farnhill Karis (Whynot?) NikNak Perseus Traxx (Bunker Records, I Love Acid, Future Flash) Roya Brehl (Schwein & Bad Ornament) Sash Van Wah (Boombox Circus) Shauna Shadow Factory Skunkrock (SECT - Leeds, Plex London) Stef Jo X-Truder // for more great live bands and solo artists check out the rest of the Oxjam festival at
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