Ian Epps, Warren Ng (Somnambulists), Post Moves

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    Ian Epps, Warren Ng (Somnambulists), Post Moves
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  • August 9th - 9:00 PM ◥◣ The Windjammer ◥◣ Door: $5 ◥◣ Ian Epps Ian Epps is a Brooklyn based musician whose work explores immateriality through dense harmonic fields. - A full spectrum sound combining room tone and feedback that is hypersensitive in its closeness while expansive in a drift of indeterminacy. His compositions, soundtracks and field recordings have been exhibited in museums and institutions internationally at venues including Gagosian Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, The Walker Art Center, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, and Carré d’Art – Musée d’art Contemporain (Nîmes, France). He has composed, collaborated and performed alongside artists and musicians such as Ann Hamilton, Dara Friedman, Rafael Toral, Mountains, Jozef van Wissem, Joe McPhee, and Pauline Oliveros. He is a recipient of the 2014 New York State Council on the Arts Media Arts Assistance Grant and has released music on Tomlab/ SoftL, Grain of Sound, Baskaru, Powershovel Audio, Unframed Recordings and others. His forthcoming album, The Slopes can be previewed here. https://soundcloud.com/ianepps/sets/the-slopes/s-P2nXL https://www.facebook.com/ianeppssound/ ◥ ◥◣ Warren Ng (Somnambulists): Warren Ng has performed and released numerous recordings under the names Somnambulists and collaboratively as This Invitation, all linked by an interest in minimalism, string drone, and the hidden internal hum of the electric guitar. He recently released a new recording of solo instrumental works on the California-based label Zum called From the Field to the Factory. https://zumaudio.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-field-to-the-factory https://somnambulistsmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://thisinvitation.bandcamp.com/ ◥◣ ◣ Post Moves Wedged right between the luddite folkisms of Jack Rose and the modal movements of Jim O'Rourke, you might find Post Moves. Through a collection of full lengths and exploratory EPs, Post Moves have walked the line between form and formless work. Finding himself deep within the mantric (and manic) music of Tony Conrad, Alice Coltrane, and Susan Alcorn, Wenc pulls at the disquieting aspects of American music. He stretches the confines of the pedal steel guitar to suss out the more textural & tonal elements of the instrument; it's restorative and transfixing. Ultimately, Post Moves make Americana about an America that makes no sense; pastoral, shambling and strange. https://postmoves.bandcamp.com/ ◥◣ ◣◥ ◣◣
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