The Bunker with Wata Igarashi / Aleksi Perala / Batu / Patrick Russell / LDY OSC

  • Basement welcomes NYC staple and stalwart The Bunker, and they’ve put together something very special for their Basement debut. Says The Bunker: ■ WATA IGARASHI ■ has wowed The Bunker crowd with his extended sets and deeply psychedelic records for the label. He will be joining us at Basement to present the American debut of his live set. We’ve witnessed him playing live at The Bunker at Contact in Tokyo and Bassiani in Tbilisi, and it’s something so special that we made it a priority to bring it to New York and are very happy that it’s finally happening. ■ ALEKSI PERALA ■ Making his debut at The Bunker, is ALEKSI PERALA, known for producing more great music than we can even keep up with, all using his unique Colundi tuning. He’s very rarely appeared in the States, and will take us deep into his zone. ■ BATU ■ Closing the night will be BATU, who runs the Timedance label from Bristol. We were so impressed with his twisted techno and bass mutations when he came on our radio show last year that we immediately started working on bringing him to play the party. ■ LDY OSC ■ PATRICK RUSSELL ■ Rounding out the lineup are LDY OSC, who stunned us with her debut record on The Bunker NY last year, and The Bunker resident PATRICK RUSSELL, who will treat us to one of his mind-bending DJ sets before he heads out to play Japan’s Rural festival. For those who haven’t been, Basement is NYC’s newest techno club. Housed in the basement of the Knockdown Center, it’s a stripped down dark room with Funktion1 sound and low ceilings. Perfect for The Bunker, which started as a literal underground dance party at subTonic and will be returning to its subterranean roots with this one.
  • The Bunker with Wata Igarashi / Aleksi Perala / Batu / Patrick Russell / LDY OSC - Flyer front