Interconnect with Nikos Akrivos & Kostas Maskalides

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    Nikos Akrivos&Kostas Maskalides
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  • As we enter the 2nd decade of the 21st century humanity faces challenges as never encountered before,technologic advancement,population expansion,diseases,crimes,economic collapse. However a few scientists are investigating solutions that will improve the living conditions of most people,if we are going to survive we need to change our approach of our living on our planet. Social engeers,biologists,technologists,psycholgists,inventors.What questions does humanity need to ask?what have we learned in the last 100 years that might help to know the game of the future? Jacqus Fresco, a brilliant mind behind the Venus Project insists that we must prepare for the changes to come... Are YOU preparing yourself? Interconnect parties, every 1st sunday of the month starting from Dec. 6th and during the day ,are aiming to make you aware of the importance you should give of interconnecting with others and your innerself with the help of house music. After the world day of interconnectedness on 090909 comes a serie of parties on a global scale with the idea in mind that music is a powerfull healer.Let's interconnect,let's go from Ilness to Welness. Sunday 6th Dec. the 1st Official Interconnect party is taking place: Nikos Akrivos invites Kostas Maskalides, Join the Interconnecting family and discover the healing power of music (when it is carefully chosen) with the support of : Be part of the interconnecting family: Designing the future: ENTRANCE ONLY WITH PRESALE TICKET:10 EURO more details follow as you accept invitation NO TICKET SALE AT THE DOOR!!!
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