SIREN ~ a Party with Athe

  • London collective SIREN links up with inclusive party ATHE in Liverpool, bringing along their boundary-pushing tastes. You never know which direction the night might go—though the likeliest possibility is that it will go in all of them.
  • ATHE presents SIREN You know what it is! Peace inna dance. Expect: Euphoric Dancefloor Tearups™️, Pysch Outs™️, Hard-hitting Techno™️, Big Breaks™️ (have a fucking break, get Your Big Break, listen to what the kids call Filthy Breaks). Generally IDM-EBM-ABC-123 floaty bois, ten out of ten wafting. SIREN - up from the South West, SIREN started as London collective who wanted the same thing as ATHE: promoting safer dance policies and platforming underrepresented artists. We booked them for the DJing and productions we love them for, but after a healthy social media stalk, we realised that we've booked - or tried to book - all the people they'd already beaten us to. Good omen, right? SIREN are worth your ticket money because; Look at this outrageous b3b at Glasto BLEEP, Resident Advisor, NTS, Discwoman, Honey Soundsystem and the Southbank Centre all think they are boss. SYBIL (Deep Mind Music) already smashes up Berlin clubs on the regular (Saüle and Berlin Atonal). Her mixing is FAST and HARD, but her selection is emotive, playful and unpredictable. Not like 'eclectic selector' unpredictable, but ~actually~ coming in like an asteroid out of left field. C.f. the ambient mix series she runs. JAY (Higglers Records / Intergraded) is already well in demand in that there London++, thanks to a very That There London sound of broken breaks meets meaty basslines meets 80s new wave meets punk. She's released alongside Bruce too. --- ONTO THE BUMPF WE NEED TO SAY AND YOU NEED TO READ: athe takes trying to promote a safer, more inclusive dance floor very seriously. Take care of each other. Be aware of the space you take up. No bro-flexing. Suspend patriarchy at the door. Tickets start at five pounds, but PLEASE email [email protected] if you are in dire financial straits. No one turned away for lack of funds. This runs in the Kazimier Stockroom, from 10 - 3am.
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