BLOC 2010 - Day 1

  • Things are hotting up over at BLOC HQ as we steam roll towards 2010. Renowned for being eclectic, forward-thinking and truly inspirational, BLOC have built a reputation on breaking new talent along side hand pick legends and musical icons; and next year will be no different! We are delighted to announce just a taste of what's in store for next year's ground breaking BLOC. Making their BLOC debut, is a major player in UK music, and one with almost unique longevity in a genre in which people usually produce one or two great albums and then vanish. Roots Manuva sums this fearless approach which means he continues to be one of the most vital, exciting, honest artists working in the UK today. Huge plans are a foot for next year with Mercury Music Price winner Speech Debelle. Adam Beyer has become synonymous with the techno sound of Sweden, which has quite literally shaken the world since the mid-nineties. From the driving percussive force of his Drum Code label to the more open electronic miasma on his current Truesoul and Mad Eye imprints, Beyer remains one of the biggest and most influential producer/DJs on the planet. Blip, Buzz, Zap - Sean Booth & Rob Brown the two knob-twiddlers behind Autechre, are along the leaders of the electronica renaissance of the mid - 90's. Blending 70's pioneers such as Kraftwerk and Brian Eno with avantgarde noise and the block-rocking intensity of 80's Hip-Hop and electro-funk. Next up are two underground legends from BLOC, after another storming show back in March, Soundtracking the sounds of suburban (Croydon)Skream & Benga trademark minimal sound found a resounding ear with urban youth across the world. Gravity-defying beats and pads, all buoyed by a tidal wave of sub bass! Whether it's moulding cosmic Indian flavours, electro dancehall, or skankinï reggae e it all gets squeezed through the Skream & Benga filter and ends up sounding like ites been beamed from the dark side of some asteroid. Finally, one of our many headlines across the weekend will be presenting a full live show for the first time in years. Salt-n-Pepa featuring the original line up - Cheryl James ("Salt" now Cheryl Wray) Sandra Denton ("Pepa"), and DJ Spinderalla Deidra "Dee Dee" Roper. The group has sold over 15 million albums and singles worldwide. Salt-N-Pepa is the bestselling female rap group and six of their single releases have been certified either platinum or gold in America by the RIAA. "Push It" sold over a million copies, topped the R&B and rap charts and earned the women their first grammy nomination for best rap performance. This will be there first LIVE show in the UK for nearly ten years! This is a show not to be missed, welcome to BLOC ladies! Attracting talent from around the globe and provides an opportunity for internationally renowned performers to play alongside the ground-breaking stars of tomorrow, this is just the tip of the iceberg for BLOC 2010. Once again BLOC exceeded the expectations of UK's most discerning audience in only its third year. With a sold-out audience of over 5000 attendees to what must be the UK's most modern day music festival in every sense, whilst sending ripples through the music industry.